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Ray StrackbeinIndustrial Age Rules Don't Work in the Information Age

Ray Strackbein reveals the new paradigm - how to anticipate and cope with change in the Information Age. 

Inspiring audiences with his knowledge of the interaction between technology and society, Ray combines his technical savvy with a gut-level grasp of the human need to connect. The challenge of understanding our changing times motivates him to share his fresh approach to survival in the Information Age. As a professional speaker, technical guru, trainer, and former radio announcer, Ray's proven ability to reduce the most complex concept to its essence endears him to the thousands of people he speaks to each year.


Ray Strackbein has designed, built, repaired, and maintained systems for over 30 years.

    An expert in computer networking, he knows all systems are interdependent. He started with technical systems: broadcasting, computer, communication, telemetry, and telephone systems. He also works with political, educational, legal, medical, and business systems. In addition to his expertise in hardware, software and networking, Ray served as chief engineer of radio and television stations.


He honed his presentation skills on his own radio program and as a highly rated technical trainer. His audiences rate his humorous and personal stories as top-notch.


He consults and speaks in North America, Asia and Europe.

    Ray earned degrees in philosophy, computer science, social science, and a Masters of Business Administration.

When you hire Ray Strackbein to speak or consult, you will discover innovative solutions to your Information Age problems and challenges.


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